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NOC Process Joint Replacement

preoperative evaluation
Berlin Germany Best Joint Replacment

Evaluation and Preoperative Qualification

First step is a 100% free video consultation with your personal concierge. Your person concierge will be assigned to you and you will be able to speak with them at anytime pre and post surgery.
Next step is a short video call with the doctor for an evaluation and you can ask any questions you feel necessary at this time.
If the doctor believes you are a good candidate and will befit from a joint replacement surgery then we will request per operation test.
NOC ORTHOS’s number one priority is you your help and the fastest possible recovery. We know the importance of planning and will not rush you through any steps.
We offer you the best services and medical treatment in the world and the first step is to evaluate you before surgery.
We will help you corkage some of these tests with your primary doctor and home and have the results sent to us. This way you can consult with your doctor as well so they can help you with your decision as well.
You’ll undergo a preoperative evaluation and testing after you’ve made the decision to move forward with a knee replacement. Your medical team will determine whether you’re a suitable candidate for surgery. They’ll identify any potential complications. This will help make your operation a successful one.
You’ll most likely undergo preadmission testing (PAT) one to two weeks before your procedure. This testing can include:
1. Physical exam
2. Detailed questionnaire
3. Complete blood count, to rule out anemia
urinalysis testing
4. Coagulation testing, to determine whether your blood will clot normally
5. Baseline metabolic analysis of your kidneys, liver, and electrolyte status
You may also have an electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) to make sure your heart is healthy.
You’ll also meet with an anesthesiologist to review your health history. They’ll do preadmission testing to determine which anesthetic is best for you. The anesthesiologist may decide to use general anesthesia, which makes you unconscious during the operation. Another option is spinal or epidural anesthesia, during which you are awake but can’t feel pain from the waist down.
Your doctor will request X-rays and likely an MRI scan to fully understand the condition of your knee. These images will help your doctor to see details about your knee. The results will help them make the right decision about the sizing and placement of your implant. The images will also help determine the best surgical approach

Deposit and Booking Surgery Date with Travel

Once your preoperative screening is approved and completed you will need to pay an initial deposit of $5000.
Once your deposit is received by NOC ORTHO your personal concierge will work with you one on one to select the best surgical date. We usually like to have you scheduled within 3 months of receiving your deposit.
Once we have your surgery date booked we will book your flights and accommodations.
Your personal concierge will work with you through the entire process to make sure you have the best possible flights booked with most direct as possible. We will also help you decide and book tourist activities in and around the city. Berlin is filled with international culture and an incredible amount of modern day history.
Upon your arrival in Berlin you will be treated by a personal driver and taken to your hotel or apartment.

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Arrival Meet Berlin and Facilities

Upon our arrival to Berlin you will be greeted by your driver and taken to your accommodations. We know the flight can seem long and you will be a little tired so we will make sure to have you to your accommodations as quickly as possible.

Your driver will speak English of course and you will be able to have a quick tour of the city along the way. Once you arrive your accommodations everything will be ready for you to get a good nights rest after your travel.

You will then have your first appointment at NOC Ortho located in Bernau the beautiful suburb of Berlin Germany. The NOC Bernau is a boutique clinic offering the highest quality facilities in a relaxing spa setting. Most all equipment needed to evaluate you and prepare you for surgery is located on site. So you don’t have to worry about going from one hospital to another for testes and checks.

Here you will meet the staff and your doctor to review and discuss the procedure and what you can expect and answer any questions you have. Remember we are here for you and our primary goal is for you to have the best surgery possible and the fastest recovery time.
The next appointment will be at the luxurious Meoclinic hospital situated in the centre of Berlin, in the business centre Quartier 206 on Friedrichstrasse, Meoclinic offers its patients the highest level of medical services combined with the comfort and atmosphere of a five star hotel.

This is the hospital where your total joint replacement surgery will be performed. You will also stay in the Meoclinic for your post operation recovery time. Depending on your surgery your stay will between 7 and 14 days.

Surgery Day and Hospital Stay

This is the big day! Surgery day! We know you will probably be a little nervous and we will do everything we can to help ease those nerves.

One of the biggest differences you will experience having your joint replacement done with NOC Ortho in Germany is the amount of time you get to recover in the hospital. For example the average hospital stay in the United States after a total hip replacement is only one night.

The average stay for our patients in the Meoclinic hospital after hip replacement surgery is 7 nights. NOC Ortho does everything to make sure you have the best possible recovery and one of this is having you stay in the hospital longer to get better quality care and rehab from the start.

Example of surgery and recover for total hip replacement. Total knee replacement is a longer stay in the hospital 10 to 14 nights.

Day of Your Hip Replacement Surgery

  • You’ll check in several hours before your scheduled surgery. Expect to stay for 3 to 4 days.
  • The procedure will probably last about 2 to 3 hours.
  • Recovery from anesthesia will probably take about 2 hours.
  • Once you’re fully awake, you’ll go to your hospital room.
  • You will likely stick to a liquid diet for the rest of the day.
  • You will need medication to help with pain and to prevent infection and blood clots.

1 to 2 Days After Hip Replacement Surgery

  • You’ll get out of bed — with assistance — and start moving around using a walker or crutches.
  • You will see physical and occupational therapists. They will help you learn how to move safely with minimal pain. You probably won’t be able to do certain movements for a few weeks.
  • The day after surgery, you can usually begin eating a normal diet.
  • You’ll see many different people from the hospital staff, including doctors, nurses, and case workers.
  • You’ll likely shift from intravenous (IV) to oral pain medications.

3 Days After Hip Replacement Surgery

  • Walking will likely be easier. You may be able to walk to the bathroom without help.
  • You will stay in the hospital a few more nights until your doctor approves you leaving usually 7 nights. Some people stay longer if they have complications.
  • Then you will be driven back to your accommodations and start your daily physical rehab.
What to expect
Deluxe hospital suites
Best Rehabilitation
Berlin Information for tourists

Rehabilitation and Tourist Activities

When you have total knee replacement (TKR) surgery, the recovery and rehabilitation process plays a crucial role in helping you get back on your feet and resume an active lifestyle. It can help you heal from surgery faster and greatly improve your chances for long-term success.

It’s important that you commit to a plan and push yourself to do as much as possible each day. Read on to learn what you can expect during the critical 12 weeks of recovery and rehab, and how to set goals for your healing.

Example of recovery time for total knee replacement.

knee replacement rehabilitation

NOC Ortho is here for you ever step of the way helping you bridge your life from passive to active. The rehabilitation process is critical to you recovering and returning to your normal active lifestyle.

We will never rush your rehabilitation and you will receive personalized one on one physical therapy daily.

Enjoy Being A Tourist in Berlin

Bismarck and Marx, Einstein and Hitler, JFK and Bowie, they’ve all shaped – and been shaped by – Berlin, whose richly textured history stares you in the face at every turn. This is a city that staged a revolution, was headquartered by Nazis, bombed to bits, divided in two and finally reunited – and that was just in the 20th century! Walk along remnants of the Berlin Wall, marvel at the splendour of a Prussian palace, visit Checkpoint Charlie or stand in the very room where the Holocaust was planned. Berlin is like an endlessly fascinating 3D textbook where the past is very much present wherever you go.

If you are a history geek: look no further. Berlin is your city. I think most part of the recent history of Europe started in Berlin. If you want to understand and learn more about WW II and the impact the war had on Europe and the world you should start in Berlin. Nowhere else you learn as much about World War II as you can in Berlin – even though every country has her own story. I mean, it started all in Berlin – and it all ended in Berlin.
Berlin has a history of communism as well, which is also a very big part of the east European history. And with a couple of museums like the DDR museum and the museum at Checkpoint Charlie, plus the Berlin Wall you can learn a lot about communism as well.
You can not visit Berlin without learning about her history. Next to the the scars of WW I, WW II and communism Berlin also has some of the best history museums in Europe. So looking for history? Berlin is the place to be!

Doctor Release and Return Flight Home

You will have one finally meeting with the doctor once your rehabilitation therapist and you feel your ready to return home.

Your doctor will evaluate your progress and make sure you feel comfortable and are 100% ready to return home. Your return date can be plus or minus a week depending on your progress after surgery.

You will have a private driver to the airport where your flight will be waiting for your return home to your friends and family. You will have lots of stories and photos to share with them and the brand new pain free you!

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