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Medical tourism clinics in Berlin Germany have the best medical personnel in Europe popularity is growing for orthopedic surgeries hip and knee replacement
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Medical Tourism Clinic Trends – Berlin No beach No Problem

medical clinic germany

Medical Tourism Clinic Trends – Berlin No beach No Problem

You may be researching medical tourism for yourself or a loved one and trying to decide if its something that is right for you.

We hope you find the information below helps you in your decision process. If you have more questions feel free to contact us.

Brief History of Medical Clinic Tourism

Medical tourism is increasing in popularity all over the world. For example, most Americans don’t even realize they are in the middle of a hot spot for medical tourism from visitors outside the country.

Patients from USA, Middle East, Russia and China are most actively traveling for medical producers.

Medical tourism has changed and grown a lot over the years. Some time ago just the words “medical tourism” would strike fear into most people. Picturing seedy unhygienic operations in back street allies in third world countries.

This is not the case anymore. With countries all over the world getting involved in medical tourism the standards of care are on par with countries such as the United States.

Medical Tourism Goes Main Stream

The main driving force in medical tourism the past few years was plastic surgery, in places like Thailand. While the industry continues to grow with breast implants, nose reconstruction and hair transplants it is not the only popular medical treatment anymore.

More complicated surgeries are coming to the forefront of the medical tourism industry. For example just 5 years ago most Americans would have never traveled to India for a heart surgery. Now, this is common practice.

As you most likely are aware, and why you are searching for a medical clinic, is the high cost of medical care especially in the United States.

Now there are several countries that offer first class medical care at a much better value compared to the USA. For example, some more complicated surgeries can cost up to 70% less to have performed outside the USA. In most case, the standard of care and time for the patient to recover is much better than in the United States as well.

Orthopaedic Procedures New Trend

One very popular procedure growing in medical tourism is orthopedic surgery. There are several reasons for the growing demand for orthopedic medical tourism.

The main reason for the growth in orthopedic medical tourism is the cost. This is directed at the US market. The cost in the US for a standard hip replacement it is on average of $42,000 and you only get 1-2 days max stay in the hospital before your sent home to get physiotherapy on your own.

Total knee replacement costs are even more than hip replacements in the United States.

This brings us to another reason for the demand of medical tourism, is the cutting edge procedures in some countries.

For example, in Germany, they are performing Uni-Knee replacements. In the simplest form instead of cutting both joints for a total knee replacement, you can have the uni procedure were only a small part of the knee is cut out. The advantage to this is the recovery time and cost is much better in both cases. This procedure, for example, is not being done in the United States at all.

Patients are becoming more confident in the skill of international doctors have to perform such procedures such as total hip and total knee replacement. There is little to no margin for error for this type of surgery so of course patients are becoming very educated on doctors and the best place for them to go for operations.

Now for most of you will know the BIG 3 countries for medical tourism.

Thailand (Cosmetic Surgery)
Mexico (Dental Work, Cosmetic)
India (Fertility treatments, orthopedic and cardiac care)

Pros of Medical Tourism for the Patient:

Low cost of procedures
Travel to exotic location
No or little wait time
Usually a high standard of healthcare

Cons of Medical Tourism for the Patient:

Communication may be a problem.
Doctors may resume needles between patients or have other unsafe injection practices.
Medication can be counterfeit and of poor quality.
The blood supply in some countries comes primarily from paid donors and may not be screened.
Flying after surgery increases the risk of blood clots.

What might surprise you is the fourth most popular destination for medical tourism! Care to guess?


Germany is the fourth most popular destination for medical tourism and it continues to increase in popularity.

Some statistics about Germany medical tourism;

The biggest source of patients in Germany is Russia, followed by the Middle East; particularly the UAE and Saudi Arabia; and other Eastern European countries. There is also strong interest in medical tourism from some European markets, including the Netherlands, UK, and Austria. And there is a small amount of business from the USA and Israel.

2018 data
255,000 people from 177 countries receive medical treatment in Germany. But that number includes tourists so should be downgraded to around 115,000.

There are several factors for the growth in popularity of medical travelers to Germany.

It started with the dentist then grew with the popularity of ophthalmology. Vision doctors in Germany are ranked some of the best in the world.

For example “Heidelberg Ophthalmologist ranked 16 of the 100 most influential people in Ophthalmology”

berlin medical tourism clinic

Still not convinced? See the list of world doctor rankings.

So here is the list of top 10 countries with best doctors in the world 2016

10. Japan is a resourceful country which has also the best economy in the world. Japan also has some of most advanced technology in the whole world ,so they are able to produce the best tools and they have best institutes to train their doctors. So these are reasons that they have professional and skillful doctors as well. Many countries also send their doctors to Japan for training, because they have well developed or managed education department in terms of medical because Government knows that these doctors have to serve as the backbone of the country after their attacks in 1945 so pharmaceuticals, surgery, neurology, ENT, cardiology is best in this country.

9: Netherland Country which will provide the best health proven facilities to every patient of the world is Netherland that is situated in the Northern Western side of Europe as this country has finest doctors from that of all over the world, so Government of this country which has best health care system provides them adequate experience and requires extra assiduousness to qualify for the final house job. Therefore doctors who are graduating from the medical institutes of this country are well polished and skillful because they have to work under the qualified physicians and surgeons General Practitioners and Doctors in the best organization of the Netherlands which is producing qualified medical specialists.

8: Sweden another rich European country which has the best and most organized health care system of region because well established hospitals. It is very interesting to know that almost every hospital in the country is mainly government-funded but on the other hand private hospitals are also exist which are also well organized and well managed because the health system in this country is managed at three different levels which are National, local as well as regional. So doctors of this country are quite well famous in the world because of their best services in the medical department, therefore, all doctors which are passing out every year from colleges are also trained under the specialists for more time than the average.

7. Norway is not only the richest country of the world with its income per capita but also considered one of the best in fields of education with best medical research, so it is shocking to know that every hospital of the country is funded by public in National Budget, therefore, medical facilities are free for every citizen until the age of 16 years. So due to excellent medical system doctors of this country are excellently trained and ready to manage medical departments. This is because the skillful doctors of Norway have conquered every sphere of the medical field, this country has the highest expenditures on health which is US$9715 per head, therefore, the health care system is performing very well in the world.

6. Belgium Belgium has proved itself as the best regardless of the skillful and best doctors as compare to all countries of the world which is mainly due to establish to large number of labs, hospitals, clinics, healthcare centers, pharmaceuticals industry and research institutes where these medical specialist are every day and night very hard to produce a better system with training of freshly passing out doctors, therefore, they got better results. So not only specialists of this department but also of other field are touched to managed every department in respect of health system, hospitals are working as Government and also as private but dentists in this country are private only.

5. Canada is well established and has all sources including its excellent Government, are managed as a well-organized health care system because this country has grown in popularity due to its great work in the field of medical sciences, therefore, it has the best and qualified doctors in the world. The medical department is always public funded therefore provide free medical facilities to its citizens. As they have best medical facilities with highly qualified doctors, people from every country always choose this country for their treatment because they are fighting to resolve challenging diseases which are not solved by the other doctors of many countries.

4. Australia this country is blessed with the most sustained health care system with highly qualified doctors and specialists of the world so government, as well as private institutes, is available in this country, so it is better to know that a large number of expenditures are only paid by Government of this country so according to statistics that more than 75 thousand doctors and medical specialists are working now in this country. So the government has opened many institutes which are the only reserved for the training of new doctors for their further training as specialists. Doctors in this country are highly professional and specialize and are able to cure every disease.

3. Israel is ranked on this position with respect to the medical department with most qualified doctors of the world; it is possible as a sufficient part of the budget of this country spent on medical care system and on the education as well as training of doctors, therefore, this country has many skillful doctors. So doctors of this country are consulted by patients who are living in different areas of the country so far the awareness of people research seminars and medical projects meeting are conducted every month in public so it is necessary for the people of this country to join of the four insurance policies in the country, therefore, the health care system is improving with every passing day.

2. United States is providing complete health safety to its citizens due to its excellent health care system with highly qualified doctors, as these doctors are trained in special institutes. This has led to this country producing the finest doctors from all countries of the world. The United States ranks 2nd in this list because of producing highly productive health care each year. The volume of patients each year is ambition, not only to provide better polite treatments but also maintain friendly relations with patients to treat psychologically. It is interesting to note that about 60% of the hospital of the United States are not profitable but the treating doctors are profitable.

1. Germany the most advanced country in the field of Medical Sciences. Germany has a great history of medical training skills and manpower. This is producing some of the finest most qualified doctors in the world. Doctors are trained in intensive medical programs by the supervision of many international specialists. Germany has laid the foundation of the best medical system in the world with excellent quality hospital facilities, and best medical specialists.


It is been reported that German trained physicians and surgeons are more highly trained than the world average. The healthcare system of Germany is about 80% Government funded while other remaining is publicly funded. Health insurance is mandatory in Germany for all residents and citizens in the form of private or public health insurance.

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Berlin medical

Medical tourism is experiencing extremely high growth for orthopedic surgeries specifically for total hip and total knee replacement.

Berlin Germany is growing as a popular destination for total hip and knee replacements. A few reasons for the popularity growth.

An exciting and historic city as a travel destination
World leading healthcare
Patient first NOT money doctor mentality
State of the art clinics and hospitals
Same implant technology as in the US
The fantastic value for procedures, many clinics offer all-inclusive packages

NOC ORTHO Medical Clinic, A Leader in Orthopaedic Health Care

At NOC ORTHO Boutique Medical Clinic, your life is our specialty. Our team of compassionate, experienced physicians offers a comprehensive range of orthopedic healthcare services. We are also an english speaking orthopaedic clinic.

By specializing in orthopedic surgical medical tourism our team streamlines every aspect of your health care. NOC ORTHO offers the best care for total hip and total knee replacements.

There’s only one name you’ll need to remember for all of your orthopedic medical tourism needs: NOC ORTHO Boutique Medical Clinic.

Our team of physicians treats patients from all over the world. In addition to emphasizing preventive care to help our patients stay healthy, our primary care services include total hip replacement, total knee replacement, hand and shoulder surgery.

Are you experiencing hip or knee pain? Take the NOC ORTHO hip or knee quiz to help you understand better what might be causing the pain.

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