5 Reasons Why Women Have Hip Pain - NOC Ortho Specialist
Hip pain on the outside of your hip, upper thigh or outer buttock is usually caused by problems with muscles, ligaments, tendons and other soft tissues.....
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5 Reasons Why Women Have Hip Pain

why hip hurts

5 Reasons Why Women Have Hip Pain

Does your hip cause you discomfort and pain when you perform normal daily activities?

Like other common chronic pain issues, women more often show symptoms than men. Hip pain can be a complicated and frustrating issue to deal with and find the real issue. Your hip pain can come from an underlying issue and once you find the real issue your hip pain can go away in some cases.

The analysis: Is It Really Your Hip?

When you inform your health practitioner your hip hurts, the first aspect your doctor should do is verify that your hip is the real source of your pain. You might tell the doctor you have hip pain, but is the pain in the side or upper buttock. You could also experience pain in your lower back that is radiating down into your hip area. At NOC ORTHO we look for the pain that is felt directly over the hip joint ( ball and socket joint ). Pain in the groin or outside the hip area is also a key indicator of hip pain and not form another source.

Today an estimated 30.8 million adults have osteoarthritis.

Causes of Hip pain in women

While a women patient visits NOC ORTHO complaining of hip pain, we consider the patient’s age, build, and level of daily activity. If your a person is thin healthy fit, or your a heavy, sedentary 75-year-old grandmother; “then the possible causes for your hip pain will differ greatly between the two”.

A number of the most common reasons for hip pain in women are:

1. Arthritis: Chronic hip pain in women most often due to arthritis, mainly osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is the wear and “wear-and-tear” that affects most people as they age. “The ball-and-socket joint starts to wear down.” Arthritis pain is regularly felt in the front of your thigh or inside the groin. This pain is caused by stiffness and swelling of the joint.

2. Tendinitis and bursitis: Many tendons around the hip join the muscular tissues to the joint. The tendons can easily grow to be inflamed from overuse from specific and strenuous activities. One of the primary reasons of tendinitis at the hip joint, especially in runners, is iliotibial band syndrome — the iliotibial band is the thick span of tissue that runs from the outer rim of your pelvis to the outside of your knee.

Another common cause of hip pain for females is bursitis. Fluid-stuffed sacs called bursae to cushion the bony part of the hip that is close to the surface. Just like with tendinitis, the bursar sacs can grow to be inflamed from overuse and cause tightness and sharp pain every your hip joint moves.

3. Hip fractures: Hip fractures are commonplace in older women, specifically those with osteoporosis (decreased bone density). Signs and symptoms of a hip fracture consist of pain while you straighten, lift, or stand on your leg. Additionally, your toes on your injured side will look like they are turned out, a sign which could aid your physician’s initial diagnosis.

4. A hernia in the groin, femoral and inguinal hernias — every now and then called sports hernias — can cause anterior (frontal) hip pain fro female. Pregnant women can be vulnerable to inguinal hernias because of the introduced pressure at the wall in their stomach. A symptom that can be overlooked until later in life.

5. Gynecological and Back Pain; “Hip pain in females may have gynecological causes.” NOC ORTHO warns “You can’t just assume that the pain is due to arthritis, bursitis, or tendinitis. Depending on your age and other health conditions, the pain in your hip can be coming from a completely different cause.”

Endometriosis (whilst the uterus lining grows elsewhere) can cause pelvic tenderness, this causes some women to describe this as hip pain. Pain from the spine and back also may be felt across the buttocks and hip.

About 13 percent of women and 10 percent of men age 60
and older have symptomatic hip osteoarthritis.
cause for women hip pain

Another condition that causes hip pain is Sciatica, a pinched nerve usually impacts one side of the body and might cause pain back of the lower left of the right hip — the ache from sciatica can begin at your lower back traveling down your buttocks and lower leg.

Women are nearly twice as likely as men (47% versus 25%)
to develop it osteoarthritis.

Options for Hip Pain Treatment

How you treat hip pain and your options all depends on your doctor’s diagnosis. Hip pain that’s caused by overuse or sports injuries is regularly treated with heat, rest, and over the counter anti-inflammatory. Stretching before exercises is one of the most effective ways you can prevent injuries. Starting a daily stretching program can help ease and stop the hip pain.

If certain activities or overuse are causing hip pain, stop the activities and speak for your physician. Extra weight can put pressure at the hip joint, so dropping pounds can provide comfort and help you avoid similar issues. A few causes of hip ache, together with fractures or hernias, can also need surgery to repair and remove the pain. If your hip continues to cause you pain and discomfort, talk to your physician about the viable causes and treatments.

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